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:: Saturday, November 23, 2002 ::

HERE AND IN ETHIOPIA by Baltasar Porcel

Again hambruna in Ethiopia, will be died piles of and are 15 million of desperate, skinny until the delirium, eaten by the flies. It would deserve to establish a war to resolve it? But that does not make the United States, to who to only it goes him or to send soldiers to Europe or the great pump to Japan, because in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan, it wades in his own mud. It is evident that if the freedom and the education do not work until creating a new frame of values, the nations sink. The economist Amartya Sen, who was Premi the Catalunya International and later the Nobels, has proven that is not the natural conditions those who cause the hunger, but the lack of freedom. But to take part in a country through the Nations United like in the Balkan Mountains, seems possible. Nevertheless, it is limited political motivations or human rights directly related to them. The pure and damn hunger, the robbery without any risk, however, does not mean anything. Recently we published a horrifying chronicle of our correspondent in Mexico, Joaquim Ibarz, on the gigantic corruption that asola Latin America, that increases of government in government. But it would not be possible if the enterprise world, the military man, if the educative system, the familiar life, the social moral, did not contribute actively to it. According to the public prosecutor of Accounts of Mexico, during the Government of Fox one has taken leave by corrupt 14,000 civil employees and in Honduras it has been existing for 26 years a law against the illicit enrichment without it has been applied to nobody. From Argentina to Cuba, happening through Chávez, one reaches the conclusion that the continent lacks remedy. And when it takes part the U.S.A., worse. Which has caused an enormous immigration towards Spain. Whose first problem is that brother comes here by the one from the "country", the language and so, but soon falls in this marshy situation to lack papers to work and not to be able to work because it is lacked papers. And all the UE works thus, lets work asi ', or little less. Counting in addition immigration to other latitudes. Only in Barcelona the requests of aid to Cáritas have grown 20 times in five years. And one makes sure that at the same time 10,000 immigrants will have died in the Straits, although "only" they have found 3,286 corpses. The desperation, the operation, is the subworld that waits for these beings, except the few that arrive legally. But the others enter almost equal and in addition there is work hoping. If we did not fix the one of here, what we can do in Ethiopia?
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:: Friday, November 22, 2002 ::
THE FRUITS OF THE WAR by special guest writer Eulalia I Paved

B IEN the results can be described as rotten fruits that the war has provided the Afghan town. It will be for this reason that Afghanistan has let appear in the television newscasts, that nobody knows nothing of Karzai, its government and the gentlemen of the war, neither of the engaged reconstruction of the country, nor of the supposed liberation of the women. Equally which the capture of Bin Laden has been a failure, the used maquillaje to embellish the combat operation, as if it was possible, also it has been. Nothing else far from being fulfilled that the commitments acquired by the U.S.A. with respect to the political development, economic and human of the country. Of the health to the food, the education to the freedom, all fault of shameful way. Those are many that they have to walk during several days to approach a sanitary center in which they lack the most basic services. Sometimes still he is worse and they find it devastated by the pumps. The food is scarce for the immense majority of the people, solemnity poor men after 23 years of warlike conflicts finished off by most recent. As far as the refugees who return to house, they are with a panorama of destruction, unemployment, hunger and absence of potable water. The insecurity also is permanent, with the gentlemen of the war standing out to its wide ones and dictating its own norms. Very few women have access to the work, and very few have been able to get rid of burka, still put under slogans of the afraid agent chief executives and of being attacked. Whereas some things follow just as before the last war, the rest have gotten worse. If some fruit has produced the bombings it is of podredumbre for the population, like already saying is had, and of degradation for which they have become rich with the conflict. After all, nothing new under the warlike mantle. The landscape that lays down the arms is always very singsongly similar. Reiteration that does not not only tire to that they profit with the devastation, but that animates to them to deepen in the possibilities. A man so lúcido as Gabriel Jackson denounces number of "Dossier Vanguard in the last" the attempt of the Bush Government to revoke treaty AMB, subscribed in 1972 to avoid the proliferation of nuclear weapons. To all the deadly arsenal that threatens the survival of defenseless civilians they try to now add the radioactive devices that can make new countries. A madness to which there will be to put brake by some means. It will not be undertaking another war, this time against Iraq and with the pretext of which it has dangerous armament. It makes no sense to accuse other to have arms of massive destruction when it is still had them in greater measurement. Certain that he is urgent to end the potential danger that threatens the future of the humanity, but it will only be possible if eliminates the accumulated armament in all and each one of the countries, including which is elevated like justiciero. The civil society will have to as much acquire conscience of the risk that runs like of the pressure that can exert to separate from the power to the enemies of a Pacific development and a democratic distribution of the world-wide wealth. EULÀLIA I PAVED, sociologist and writer
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