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:: Wednesday, May 18, 2005 ::

Special Post of Guest

By Jean Baudrillard in Liberation. He hyper-real thing!

Of any way the plays are made since if not carries it this time, one will make us revoter until yes carries it, as one did for Denmark and Ireland (thus, to vote as much yes immediately...). This leaves us any freedom to wonder on the blaze of not in April and about the reasons of this tough and quiet dissension. Because that only made event. The resumption in hand of yes only that of an inexorable standardization, not being only done mystery. Not which is not at all that of its official defenders, whose political argumentation is as heteroclite as that of yes. Moreover, not to political inspiration would never have been enough to make flame the surveys, and it is him which regresses slowly under the pressure of yes... Most interesting, the only enthralling thing in this referendum misleads the eye of it, they is this not which hides behind the nonofficial one, this not of beyond the political reason, because it is that one which resists, and it is necessary that there is something of dangerous good so that all energies are mobilized thus, all the capacities confused for the defense of yes. This conspiracy panic is well the sign that there is a corpse in the wall cupboard. This not is obviously a reaction automatic, immediate, with the ultimatum which from the very start this referendum was. Reaction to this coalition of the good conscience, of divine Europe, that which claims with universal and the infallible obviousness, reaction to this categorical imperative of yes, whose promoters did not even suppose only one moment that it could constitute a challenge ­ and thus a challenge to take up. It is thus not not in Europe, it is one not with yes, like obviousness indépassable. Nobody supports the arrogance of a victory a priori ­ whatever his reasons (which, in the precise case of Europe, are nothing less than virtual). The play is closed in advance, and all that one requests, it is the consensus. Yes with yes: behind this formula become banal a terrible mystification is hiding place. Yes itself is not exactly any more yes in Europe, nor even in Chirac or the liberal order. It became one yes with yes, with the consensual order, yes which is not any more one answer, but the contents even of the question. What one makes us undergo, it is a true test of europositivity. And this yes unconditional generates spontaneously, by a reaction at the same time of pride and self-defence, not quite as unconditional. I would say for my part that the true mystery, it is that there is not a more violent reaction, majority still, for not and against this oui-trification. There is not even need for conscience political to have this reflex: it is the automatic light-back against the coalition of all those which are good side of universal the ­ the others being returned in darkness of the History. It on what the forces of yes and the Good were mistaken, it is on the perverse effects of this superiority of the Good, and on this kind of unconscious clearness which says to us that one never should give reason to those which have it already. Already, at the time of Maastricht and of April 22, the politically correct forces, that they are of right-hand side or left, did not want anything to know of this quiet dissidence. Because this nonin-depth is not at all the effect of a "work of negative" or of a critical thought. It is a response in form of the pure and simple challenge to a principle hegemonic come from in top, and for which the will of the people is only one indifferent parameter, even an obstacle to be crossed. It is obvious that for this Europe designed according to a model of simulation which must be projected at all costs in the reality and to which each one is summoned to adapt, for this virtual Europe, certified copy of the world power, the populations are only one mass of operation which it is necessary to annex of liking or force to the project to be used to him as alibi. And the capacities are right well to be wary everywhere of the referendum and any direct expression of a political good-will which, within the framework of a true representation, would be likely to turn badly for them. In fact thus the Parliaments, most of the time, will be charged to bleach the operation and to endorse Europe into soft. But we are accustomed to this embezzlement of the opinion and the political good-will. Not such a long time ago, the war of Iraq took place thanks to an international coalition of all the capacities against the expressed, massive and spectacular will, of all the populations. Europe is being done exactly on the same model. Besides I am astonished that the partisans of not do not make use of this bright example, by this great first in the total contempt for ­ the voice of the people. All that exceeds the episode of the referendum by far. That means the bankruptcy of the principle even of the representation, insofar as the representative institutions do not function any more in the "democratic" direction, i.e. of the people and the citizens towards the capacity, but exactly contrary, of the capacity to the bottom, by the trap of a consultation and a circular play of question/réponse, where the question nothing but does be answered itself yes. It is thus, in the heart even of the policy, the bankruptcy of the democracy. And if the electoral system, already undermined by the abstention, must be saved at all costs (before even answering yes, the categorical imperative is to vote at all costs), it is that it functions with the back of a true representation, in the forced induction of decisions taken "to the people" even if, secretly, this one thinks the opposite. There is thus, behind the immediate abréaction with the "single thought" of Europe, incarnée by yes the ­ thought liberal of Europe which, fault of inventing another rule of the game, has of another solution only to dilate and to increase by successive annexations (with the image of the world power), there is thus, in not about which we speak, in the refusal of this Europe-there, the presentiment of a liquidation much more serious than the influence of the market and supranational institutions ­ the liquidation of any true representation ­, at the end of what the populations will be definitively assigned with time in time formal adhesion. As for the final result, a certain suspense remains: if it is well, according to any probability, the hegemony insolente of yes which was enough to generate the revulsive start of not, then the recrudescence of the countryside in favour of yes should logically generate a reinforcement of not. But it is not sure that this not come from the depths of what one could formerly call the silent majorities, resists a massive intoxication. There is extremely to bet that we will set out again towards a consensual regulation, under the spiritual authority of all the capacities. Whatever the result besides, this referendum, wedged between yes and not as between the 0/1 of numerical calculation, are only one adventure. Europe itself is only one adventure moreover on the way of an expiry much more serious, that of a loss of collective sovereignty ­ at the horizon of what another profile takes shape that that of the passive or handled citizen: that of the citizen-hostage, the citizen taken as an hostage by the capacities, i.e. ­ the taking of hostage having become the figure even terrorism ­ a democratic form ­ ­ of terrorism of State.

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:: Saturday, February 21, 2004 ::
Advice of Roosevelt by I, BALTHASAR FINE QUALITY PORCELAIN - 18/02/2004

Resulta that John Kerry was less Vietnamese hero of which says and that later he militated in the anti-Vietnam protests, that supported the ecologists and soon it had a todoterreno to pursue by the mountain, that he has perhaps had a love affair with a young person... That is that, according to the theory of the monstrous North American public sin, any individual from his more tender childhood must prepare itself, more good automate itself, to be always equal and unpollluted, because if she is money changer, if grey hair throws to air, if it follows east course of the life done of shaken returns and who to so many drags, no longer can never arrive nothing. When?Washington Post? it hunted to Nixon with the one of?Watergate, the idea that dominated to them was not that it had committed an enormous crime, because that electoral espionage was little less than chorrada, but the one to hunt the string of unexpected lies that concealed it: it mattered plus the continent that the content. And even only partial and formally, because if it were to the inverse one, if the substance were the basic thing, Bush and its Government would have to enter immediately the jail to have lain in the case of the war of Iraq, monstrous in moral damages, death, economic cost, image. Not to mention to the oil tankers of Texas, with its even Iraqian businesses, which they paid the electoral campaign of Bush, to his brutally reactionary tipología and that as governor turned to him which more sentences of death has signed, to the trapicheos with the ballot boxes of its brother in Miami and that turned to him president... But for the American conventional moral he does not pass anything there. However, that a singer teaches a chest causes a monumental scandal, when every day in television they appear chests by the hundred, asses, fornicaciones, beatings, murders, psicópatas, robberies, swindles. But this moral is in crisis since Clinton morreó with Lewinsky, lay because of it, and above Hillary supported to him. That it worked thus, that was left in the private sphere and that to the aim little weighed the tarambanismo that to all it touches to us someday, it was an immense luck for the country: with bumps, the citizens supported to Clinton. And much more now the democratic aupa quickly to Kerry towards the denomination of candidate, at the moment indifferent voter to the environmental burricie. A president whom also a friend had, but who never extended although it go an open secret, F. D. Roosevelt, gave an advice more useful than the one to censure a chest: something and if it does not go you try another thing.
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Jordi Gispert: Reverdecer To horse between the ecology and psicodelia, the relation between the human being and the nature sublies in all its work by SHE, VIOLANT PORCEL, sister of me (originally was naming self "Violet", but "Violant" more appropriate. She just out of prison. I helping her to reingrate to society. Let us hope medication work- crossings of fingers)

Jordi Gispert (Barcelona, 1957) inaugurated this exhibition with happening of vegetal aperitives: if were inside a little figure, a personage of green offered a gift, for example, a piece of space. Gispert wanted to turn green again to the presents, to patentizar simultaneously that we are immersed in a cosmic cycle, that the pictures appear arranged like an old length friso, linking that sends to the infinite. In the art of Gispert, developed in different facets, the relation between the human being and the nature always sublies. Thus in his wood works it speaks to us of the recycling or his extensive intervention in parking it turned you cold walls in a microuniverse of organic forms. And he is that a poetic component also exists in Gispert, nonfree of critic: the same title of?El longer landscape of the world? it censures the typical veneration by the amount of the consumer society. The sample is the result of four years of work and it reveals a solid and mature Gispert to us, that appeals to the paradigms of the deep ecology. Like an artist of the Renaissance, it has elaborated his pictures with patient meticulousness, a zenithal light recreates an ideal world where the human being and the natural world coexist in harmony. On a par, their alive colors are inspired without a doubt by the aesthetic psicodélica of years 60, but if the hallucinogenic substances illuminate the mind, the figures of Gispert calmly discover the nature through an ideal telescope, of circles by telescope or changes of color that translate psychic states. The set, then, offers a species of quaternary and staged division of the world: earth, water, sky and fire. And everything through an absolute conception geometric, near the Greek postulates. Oníricas images these that remember the clasicista Dalí and than look for to translate, with wisdom, the innocent glance of a boy: for that reason it appears in a picture a fragment of the Rousseau Customs officer. But if this one reflected lost or exotic paradises, in Gispert a positive attitude is pronounced on which it could get to be. Ansel Adams, whose photography of the purest nature has been retaken by the MoMA, already said: childhood was to a great extent the man that I have gotten to be. Jordi Gispert, with?El longer landscape of the world, it sends a plea in favor of a transformation of values, of a social, cultural renovation and human, in which the brotherhood, science and the lírica go of the hand. It is east reverdecimiento that really would turn green again to us.
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:: Monday, February 16, 2004 ::
"Mystic river”- a review by Eulalia I. Paved, sociologist and ( less plausibly) writer. Take of her: "It surprises that neither the critic nor the public emphasize the clear immorality of films of Eastwood". Now read on...

The film follows its way towards the Oscar in the middle of general applause. Good script, excellent interpretations, intelligent direction. It surprises, in the middle of so many praises, that neither the critic nor the spectators also emphasize their clear immorality. Reason why it is not exposed, but by the party that takes so much the script as the direction. It films it cannot be benevolent with pederastia, would lack more, but it is it with the corruption and the murder. Not with all the murders, but with both committed, that are known, by the protagonist. The only murder that appears as execrable is indeed the one of the daughter of the protagonist, to which this one professes an immense affection that by the others assumes mutuum. Supposition quickly denied since the girl is arranged to release itself of her house without a word of by means. Clear that the ancestor either is not inclined to engage in a dialog on the aversion that feels by the fiancè of her. However, this is minucias compared with the fits of the father, translated in a crime before the death of the young person and another one later. And also they are compared it with the behavior of the police, another important paper in the history, which conceals the crimes of its friend with absolute naturalness. Acceptable argument if one were to denounce the lynching to modern or the police corruption, nevertheless, nothing else far from the intention of the narrator, the glance that Clint Eastwood walks by history and its personages. The climax is reached when the assassin who carries out the film is enaltecido by his wife, knowledgeable of which it finishes killing the husband of his own premium, and admirable father of family proclaims to him burningly. Although he does not have to be the kinship which makes a murder more hateful, in this it films comes to be one more a sample of sinrazón. Sinrazón that is elevated in absolute protagonist during the last scene, when the assassin, wrapped by his tender family, contemplates in the street a parade of those so typical with globes, flags and colorines. When the police that has not perform one's duty also adds to jolgorio, also accompanied by its tender family, while it does to the criminal a wink to him of complicity. We attended, from the opening of films, to a total acriticismo, stunned everybody, of this a the west, by the images, the famous stars, the director several times awarded. And the ethics, where is the ethics? Perhaps it has stopped being a value that to consider when a human work is judged, is real life or seventh art? It would not have to badly surprise the operation to us of the world, Vista the carelessness of values that we suffer. Whereas the naked chest of Janet Jackson appearing in the screen of the televising eave me more than the exaltación as much of the murder as of the professional perversion, whereas that gives wings to the inquisidores and this other deserves prizes, we will have to ask itself why we spoke of civilization developed outpost and countries. Observing whichever it surrounds to us, instead of considering us “Homo sapiens sapiens”, thus, by double game, the most guessed right it would be to say to us “Homo presapiens”, at the most. And I PAVED, sociologist and writer
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:: Wednesday, February 11, 2004 ::
Eufemismos The “GUERRA preventiva” of Bush and his adláteres opened the box of Pandora in Iraq BY SHE, REMEI MARGARIT - the 07/02/2004

mass media notified that the company it noticed that in Iraq is on the brink of madness a civil war. That in Iraq there is a war, nobody it doubt from long ago, even can that from the day in which George Bush gave it by finalized. Only that finalized and the not absolutely –por thing what parece– they were the massive bombings of the occupation forces. The others have followed unstoppable, the victims, as much civil as the military, the pumps, all that equipment of death and destruction that a war implies. Minister Trillo speech of “acciones terroristas” because with that cataloguing it seems that one feels better located as far as his responsibility in the conflict. Although the truth is that at the same moment that occurred by finished to the bombings and some Iraqians they put next to the occupants, the civil war began, and is for that reason reason why Iraqian they kill Iraqians, because what there is now, when the dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein no longer exists, is a fight to obtain the power. And as the fight is armed and causes deaths, to that war is called to him, and is civil for the reason that all the components are civil, except, of course, the Anglo-American, Polish and Spanish forces of occupation. “guerra preventiva” of Bush and his adláteres opened the box of Pandora in such a way that the postwar period has received more victims already than the same war, and is that the war has not finished no matter how much those leaders fill to the mouth of terms like “acciones terroristas” and seemed. That war, so irresponsibly begun by the Bush Administration, will be difficult to stop because the to be able emptiness that takes place when a dictatorship falls turns a wasps's nest without control. Now, from the North American Administration –y possibly because there are presidential elections in otoño– aid to the UN is requested when then was not only left it of side, but that even avoided it and there were confrontations with her before beginning that great disaster. Then if –debería exists a solution to exist alguna– it happens only and exclusively through the UN, and I say exclusively because the forces occupants of now would have to retire completely, being replaced by the blue helmets of the United Nations, while the diplomacy works thoroughly next to each ethnic group, Shiite, suníes and Kurd to find some type of federation of the different factions from the Iraqian town. That would imply the resignation of the political control, on the part of oil the western ones, of the management of Iraqian petroleum and also the resignation of the multimillionaire concessions that probably are being done with respect to the reconstruction of the country. Without those parameters, hardly the Iraqian town and its leaders will lay down the arms. And thus and everything, will be necessary to deliver many attacks of good diplomacy so that all that inflicted suffering is not capitalized by fundamentalist leaders. The delegate of the United States for the search of the famous arms of massive destruction –que was even the excuse that gave the Bush Administration for guerra– he has resigned saying that there are no such arms in all Iraq. To begin a war is to loosen to the furies, the difficult thing is to return to tie them. In Iraq it is not that there is a civil war, is that the war continues. R. MARGARIT, psychologist and writer
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:: Wednesday, November 19, 2003 ::
Return of Fu Manchu by Baltasar Porcel- 16/11/2003 (Ah so! Me from Cathay-lonia. Me likey oriental stereotypes long time!)

Escribo this column before knowing the results electoral. Fantaseo, then, on the world that frames our ballot boxes. On the universal evildoers, mysterious and terrible... in c?mics, noveler?a and the cinema, from Fu Manchu to which it fights James Bond, and that they tried to dominate to the planet with his talents and ambitions. On a par, they were bad the real ones, those of the policy, feared or danced the jaleo, like Stalin or Hitler. And I leave the local tyrants, Castro type or Montt Rivers separate, to so limit us the towns brothers. But nobody would say that Fu Manchu offered appearances of probability nor that fallen the Reich and the USSR could return the killer ideologies. He has been the opposite: when better we had to be those of the democracy, the market economy, the audio-visual society, appears Bin Laden, a Fu Manchu and Stalin-Hitler reunited in a piece, because they are his incognito, his megaloman?a, its thirst of blood and submission, its ideology. Has punished the Gentleman our pride, when we even were believed in the aim of history like conflict and evolution and at the beginning of the happily vegetative era? We had to study old mythologies or to create a new one, because something of hidden, fatal and magno nest in the universe and work with a measurement that is not the terrenal. Who is Zeus? I do not know it, but it beats to us secular. And Bin Laden is so the overflow, that the most powerful country of the planet, the United States, has made up to two wars to capture it, without knows nor where is. Fu Manchu was visible at least in short whiles. In addition, Bin Laden looks like to him, skeletal and hairy, with the perverse smile. Another fiction, of the impertinent and pueril Briton Evelyn Waugh, “Scoop”, it offers black s?trapas and idiots who live in a Ismail?a and symbolize the Third World, being for that reason sweepings of a blowing. The West has been tremendous in its envanecida ignorance, still recently the politically correct thing consisted of denying any conflict between us and the Islam, relegating the Twin Towers to the terrorist chapter, since still George does W. Bush with Iraq, when the United States and something of Europe are in war or tension with a dozen of great or aggravated Islamic nations, and the Islam unleashes in his sine a civil war, since often he has done, although the tyrants of Saudi Arabia melopeen that the discord between Muslims is the worse sin. And I do not say the delight of the suf? Islam or the Anglo-Saxon poetry, but societies in the course of its history. In ours, with that Bush of jefazo!
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:: Sunday, October 12, 2003 ::

Every year the concession of the Nobel prize de wide-awake Literatura more or less commentaries on if there is new Nobel in Castilian or if one takes place first in Catalan, being now that better Lopez in the magazine has insisted on the ?scar subject “Qué Leer”. And in the first case, the reached list is well and there are no problems. But in the second, ay... Although hoga?o with Coetzee, to that I have not read, and with awarded the these last years, in which it has interested to me in special Walcott, seems to draw a species of vague Catalan hope, because well-known authors little in the great market choose themselves sometimes or of countries we say peripheral. But with an own State and prioritizing to the aim the English language. What I do not discuss, the established frame is the one that is and in addition is better than others. Although, sure it had to be extended. What also he is become, because Nobel has incorporated Chinese and the Portuguese, languages of hundreds of thousands of hablantes. But in Catalan we are “algo” less... To Nobel it is necessary to thank for something to him extraordinary: it is the only literary platform of world-wide resonance, the greater one. The.Pulitzer or the Goncourt very underneath it has left. And he is not worth to blame Nobel to have left without prize to splendid authors, because their successes are numerous and in all company always there will be failures and disparity of criteria. And if this award would mean very many for Catalunya, also serenémonos, because it would be possible that it did not cause any avalanche of recognitions either. Let us remember the case of Watches over: hardly it had repercussion beyond border, where is little less than not known –los university hispan?filos aparte– and it almost did not benefit to Literature in Castilian. With Saramago and Portugal it has been the other way around, however, although one is not a genius. And it served for something the Provençal occitano to him or that Mistral was Nobel? Its name continues floating vague that way, but nobody or almost reads it for a simple reason: their language and the authors who express themselves in her find sociological decay altogether, not to say exhalando the last sigh. By the others, Nobel awards Literature, nonlanguages or nations, although these will influence in the measurement that is. To go to Sweden and to give “Enciclopèdia to them Catalana” or which the Catalan Parlament only promotes an author it gives to pain or laughter. What there is to do is that the creative one reaches here the Maxima possible height, with a demanding critic and an education, and that the Administration impels whatever can the translations, since they make the great countries.
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:: Monday, September 29, 2003 ::
Hispanic in war BALTHASAR PORCEL - 28/09/2003

Jose Maria Aznar is more and more simple and full, for that reason more incomprehensible. Now he has pronounced himself to us in Florida, the State of the electoral pure gibberish, perhaps of the fiddle, that indeed gave the presidential victory to Bush, and where the governor is nothing less than his Jeb brother, who in addition thinks that Spain is a republic and Aznar its president. What could induce to corroborate the facts, not it Constitution, without a doubt. But this Constitution actually also is very strange: it authorizes, for example, to Spain to enter a war for reasons of idiomática affinity with citizens of other nations? No. But Aznar has done it and confesses when saying that one of both reasons to put in the attack to Iraq is had because in the United States there are 40 million beings who speak Spanish and who in the future will be 80 –aunque in truth are bilingües–. And attention: arguments of this sort never had been heard. And they marry very badly whereupon the Government takes to the Generalitat de Catalunya before the Constitutional Court to open modest representations abroad, to partly manage some subjects of the Catalans, like immigration. I insist: one enters a war by vague transfronteriza idiomática solidarity, while Spaniards who also speak Castilian, being equally bilingual, cannot rent a floor in Warsaw and contract a pair of civil employees to fix subjects that benefit Spain, because the Government of the State that must protect them because they pay to him considers them with infinitely less right to the mere solidarity that to the Hispanic North Americans. Pure gibberish or offense that only can be compared to the other reason voceado by Aznar in Florida: it affirms that it entered the rag after studying the information of the inspectors of the UN, when these, directed by Blix, have been taxativos denying the existence in Iraq of arms of massive and fast destruction. What in addition it is confirmed by the 1,500 experts of the company who are been working in Iraq with identical intention. But this Aznar denies it immediately. When they had already suspected also the own Spanish information services to it... With what system and in what frame locates Aznar? Mystery. Although contemplating to the country the thing it is clarified rather indeed by dark: in the United States and England Bush and Blair they lose valuation because of such subject quickly, while here the citizenship shrinks of shoulders and continues voting equal or thinks to do it.
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